Hydrophobic charged detection device for composite insulators-principle and function

A new type of product that fills the gap in the field of online water-repellency testing of composite insulators in my country. The structure is simple, the operation is convenient, and the judgment is accurate. It is suitable for online detection of the hydrophobicity of 110kV and above transmission line composite insulators. It is also suitable for the hydrophobicity detection experiment and factory inspection of various composite insulators and silicone rubber. It is suitable for the water repellency detection of RTV spraying materials for magnetic insulators.

  1. Detection principle

The water-repellent state of composite insulators is judged according to the water spray classification method of the Swedish Transmission Research Institute (STRI). Based on advanced digital image processing technology, the water-repellent state of composite insulators can be objectively determined by extracting gray information such as information entropy, seed rate, the mean value of spectrum amplitude, and shape coefficient and area percentage of water droplets or water traces of hydrophobic images. judgment.

  1. Function
  • Live detection of the hydrophobicity of various composite insulators
  • Detect the hydrophobicity of silicone rubber and RTV spray materials
  • Automatic and accurate analysis of hydrophobicity level
  • Record various data and graphics of each test
  • You can query the inspection records of every string of insulators
  • Automatically judge the development trend of hydrophobicity
  • Analyze and judge the performance of pollution flashover and wet flashover resistance
  • Provide a scientific basis for maintenance and selection